I was recommended to contact Karen by a friend because I was struggling to sell my property in spite of lots of viewings and positive feedback, no complaints about the price but no offers either.  I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t selling and Karen picked up issues around geopathic stress and discordant energies and told me that sometimes this energy needs to be healed before the property passes on to new owners.

Karen is a truly authentic soul and the clearing was done beautifully with heart felt intention and was non invasive.  

I feel her work has assisted me to strengthen on a daily basis.  

Cannot send enough gratitude to her. 





Since I spoke to Karen something  just moved and I am feeling very bouncy and more grounded and more my usual self with something additional which is positive. So thank you! It must have been the clearing.

After redecorating the bedroom in my house, something radically changed. My daughter developed nightmares and I couldn’t sleep.

I turned to Karen in desperation and she checked the house and told me that a vortex had opened up. She cleared this and that very night all the problems had gone. I am so grateful as I don’t know what I would have done without her.