What soil are your roots growing in?

'In our Newtonian view of the world we see two realms. A physical/mechanical realm and an energetic realm made of invisible energy. Two separate realms and your body is physical so if you want to change or adjust it you use physical things.' So says Dr Bruce Lipton, Cell biologist in The World Is your Petri Dish

'In 1925' he continues ' physicists realised something - when you go inside the atom in the human body there are protons, neutrons and electrons. But when you continue to look inside them there is nothing physical at all. It's energy vibration. This is relevant because now, with quantum physics, there is no distinguishing between the energetic and physical realms. The whole thing is energy and the body is just a physical expression of that energy and energy shapes everything'

This realisation was so striking for this reknowned scientist and confirmed atheist that it lead him to believe that the way cells function and behave was proof that God exists. As above so below.

It also opened up a whole range of possibility where the great divide between science and spirit no longer existed and where the belief that we are a victim of our genetics was not true. He was, and is, at the forefront of the field of epigenetics - from where we now know that our genes do not control the fate of our cells but rather their environment does.

Lovely, you may say, but what has quantum physics got to do with finding my way out of being stuck in anxiety, exhaustion, ill health, relationship worries, debt or addiction??? To which I would answer 'everything'. 

So - what if you house was making you ill, what if the reason you were stuck and feeling exhausted was because of the land your home was built on, what if your constant unease was somehow linked to the people who used to live there???

Too ridiculous to contemplate? Let's throw in another then.... What if your house wouldn't sell because something there needed healing first? Have we now hit too woo woo for words?

I used to think so, until I experienced this myself and realised that it is just biology on bigger scale. Everything is energy - whether radio waves, lasers, human beings, the universe, nature. Disrupt the frequency of a radio wave you get feedback and static. Disrupt the frequencies of nature you get geopathic and electromagnetic stress, disrupt the frequencies effecting human beings you get imbalance, disease. You get stuck. 

Now epigenetics says if you change the environment of a cell it changes the way a gene expresses itself. Scientific studies have shown that you put 3 genetically identical cells in separate petri dishes with slightly different medium in each (the environment) and the genetically identical cells express totally differently - one as a fat cell, one as muscle and one as bone. And all that changed was the environment. 

Accepting that is happening on a cellular level, and that we, as human beings are just one big physical expression covered in skin and hair it follows that if you change the energy of our homes it effects us causing our cells to react differently.

There are many ways that the energy of the land, building and people can become imbalanced. Underground water and rock formations, blocks to positive energies from building work, trauma from historical events on the site through to recurrent discordant energy between people and that's just a few. Have you ever walked into a building or onto some land and felt something strange or different. That's all well and good when you can walk away but imagine marinating in that static every day and night while you sleep.

Sometimes all it needs to start to shift that stuckness is to heal your home. To have somebody like me refresh your petri dish ..... It really can be as simple as that.

October 2017

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