About Me

I do what I do because I have been where you may be now...stuck, sick,frustrated and unsure that anything will ever be ‘normal’ again and things changed!

I was a nurse for many years, followed by working voluntarily with people who were housebound or lonely. I care about people. But when it came to my own family being hit by traumas of serious sickness, bereavement and relationship problems all in one fell swoop, I wasn’t prepared for where it would take me.

I coped and coped and then suddenly I didn’t cope any longer. I developed multiple allergies, M.E. and could not leave my home. I was told that I may never leave it again unless I injected myself with desensitising drugs and then I would have 30 minutes freedom – for the rest of my life.

That led me to a path that today makes me grateful for the pain and struggle I experienced. I knew that healing is always our own personal responsibility, and is different for everyone and I needed help.

Healing of my home and energetic clearing for myself started a process that saw me run the Paris marathon just over a year later!

Since then I have trained in Spiritual Response Therapy, Superconnection, Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and am currently completing training as a Meta Health practitioner because I am determined others should not have to feel as I did and stay stuck. I also firmly believe that healing starts when we are no longer alone trying to find the answers.

That is why I do what I do, and why I am here to help you too.